BLOCK-HEAD® Spindles

The BLOCK-HEAD® family offers ultra-high accuracy and high stiffness in a very compact package. Designed for universal application and easily motorized, these spindles are the first choice of the world’s most demanding users.

ISO Spindles

The ISO series provides high accuracy and stiffness along with higher speed capability. Single point diamond turning, flycutting, internal grinding, HDD servo track writing/head testing and laser scanners are typical applications of the ISO design.

Liquistatic Spindles

Where space is at a premium, an oil hydrostatic spindle can deliver high accuracy and stiffness in a smaller package than a comparable air bearing.

Motorized Spindles

We build motors into our spindles for unmatched smoothness combined with high power and precision. Optional features include water cooling, optical encoders, metrology brakes, and non-influencing rotary unions.

Custom Spindles

When your project’s requirements can not be met by one of our standard spindles, we will be pleased to quote a special design.

Special Machines

Some less-demanding applications can find good value in a custom-designed spindle with throttled-flow bearings. Both orifice and porous-wall compensation techniques have been used when budget constraints eliminated the element-compensated products.