ISO 2.25C

Our ISO 2.25C (60,000 rpm) captured thrust, integrally motorized air bearing spindle is ideal for high speed and extreme accuracy applications such as conventional flycutting, raster flycutting, internal grinding and optical mold grinding. The spindle’s central stiffness and extremely low error motion while being driven with a powerful brushless-DC motor can not be matched by any other spindle manufacturer in the world.


  • Inlet Pressure: 6.9 bar
  • Air Flow Rate: 10.0 lpm
  • Ultimate Axial Load Capacity: 340 N
  • Ultimate Radial Load Capacity: 195 N
  • Axial Stiffness (at spindle nose): 65 N/µm
  • Radial Stiffness (at spindle nose): 20 N/µm
  • Axial Error Motion: < 25 nm (at 50,000 rpm)
  • Radial Error Motion: < 25 nm (at 50,000 rpm)
  • Maximum Speed: 60,000 rpm
  • Motor Torque: 0.4 N·m continuous to 58,000 rpm (B06-25 motor)
  • Drive Amplifier: MCS AX-1000
  • Encoder: US Digital #E5D, 100 line count
  • Spindle to amplifier cables: 4.0 meters long
  • Spindle Weight: 6.8 kgs


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