Customize Your BLOCK-HEAD® Spindle

With your purchase of a BLOCK-HEAD® spindle, you have an unlimited choice of faceplates including metric call-outs, taper mounts, vacuum chucks, piloted mounts, collet chucks, etc. We can adapt a wide variety of other manufacturers’ hardware: Magnetic chucks, Northfield chucks, Micro-Centric chucks, HSK toolholders, encoders; just about any mounting configuration you can imagine.

Disk Chucks

Professional Instruments Company has long been the source for disk-testing spindles and chucks. We build a wide range of sizes and styles from simple screw-tensioned chuck/cover assemblies to pneumatically-operated, coverless, disk-centering types. Disk inside diameters range from 6-5/8” to 7mm, and the chucks may easily be changed with high accuracy intact thanks to our spherical-piloting system. Call for details.

Piloted Wheel Mount System

Ten times more accurate than tapers. Replaceable options include:

  • Collet assemblies
  • Chuck assemblies
  • Wheel mounts
  • Part-holding devices
  • Diamond-tool flycutters

Collet Adapters

  • Repeats to .0001”
  • Uses Hardinge 3C and 5C collets
  • Air release
  • Part ejection by air blast
  • Spherical pilot allows high-accuracy installation on spindle; no need to dial-in
  • Ideal for use on BLOCK-HEAD® air bearing spindles