Essential Tools and Systems for Precision Manufacturing

D4-A Dryer-Filter-Regulator

Air bearings require clean, dry, oil-free air. The D4-A requires little maintenance, providing economical, effective, continuous drying and filtering with no moving parts and no electrical energy use. It produces clean, dry air from readily available shop air supplies, and is suitable for use in laboratories. The D4-A includes pre-filters, a deliquescent dryer, final filters, and a regulator, all in an easy-to-use package.

Humidity Alarm

Professional Instruments Company’s Humidity Alarm is an electronic humidity monitoring system manufactured by Ohmic Instruments, packaged for use with our D4-A dryer-filter-regulator. Relative humidity is displayed on an analog meter. If the moisture content in the air supply rises above an adjustable setpoint, a piercing alarm will sound and a light will flash.

GF-5 Precision-Ground Flatstones

These stones have been ground flat on both faces with a diamond wheel. The long sides are ground perpendicular to the face to allow stoning up to a shoulder. The ends are unground. They are used to remove the swellings which surround the inevitable tiny nicks and dents found on any machined surface.

Magnetic Bases & Indicator Mounts

The remedy for lost motion! We make super-stiff indicator mounts to make our indicator readings credible. Are you still using compliant indicator stands? Incredible!